Full Construction Management Services

Long Island Full Construction ManagementIf you are a home or business owner looking for full construction management, call SARAP Construction. We have over three and a half decades of experience in the construction trade. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our experienced crew of construction managers, general contractors and builders will make sure that your project goes unhitched. If being on schedule frightens you in regards to getting a project done then hire SARAP Construction for the job and all your worries will go away. From the very start to the last, we’ll be there all the way making the right decisions based on your requirements.

When it comes to our project contractors, we problem solve your problems. Many problems can arise during constriction. We want to be there when these problems come up so that you’re not faced to handle them alone.


Quality Materials and Handling

Quality building materials are always used in all our projects. We don’t like to cut corners because we know that cutting corners will result in shoddy work that you won’t be happy with. Our craftsmanship is the same; never done by inexperienced contractors.


Management Always On Site

The construction in Long Island of any project, big or small, needs to be done on time. Our senior construction manager and master carpenter are always on-site at all times actively participating in the project and build process as there are three main things that are focused on:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Results


High-End Construction

Have a project that only a qualified group of contractors can do? You’ve come to the right place as SARAP Construction has the experience on working with higher-end construction projects. We can complete everything from commercial renovations to detailed home improvements.


Residential Renovations

Adding on to your home or remodeling what you already have? We provide everything from the architectural millwork to the full design and build services. You’ll never feel as though you need to call anyone else in to complete your upcoming project.


Commercial Design

Commercial dwelling are a lot different than residential in regards to size and standards. For as long as we have been in the construction business, we have done some major improvements and upgrades to commercial dwellings in your area.


Getting What You Want When You Want it

At SARAP Construction we are ready to serve you. We are licensed and insured to complete any full construction. When you need experienced contractors for full construction management on your next project, call us. We get construction done the way you need it to look and on time.


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If you are looking for Full Construction Management Services then please call 516-799-6671 or complete our online request form.