Commercial and Residential Design/Build Services

Long Island Design and BuildFor the initial concept to the final concept, you can rest assure that your project from SARAP Construction will be well taken care of. Our Design and Build Services start with a simple concept and are developed from there. Through the hard work of our general construction managers, design team and general contractors, your project will be able to get completed on time and within the budget you require. Call us and see what you’re missing because if there is one thing we know best, its construction.

Home construction is the process in which single or multi-family residential structures are developed. This can be in the form of a new home or an add-on to the home. Normally single homes, townhouses, condos or large-scale are perfect targets for this type of service.


Architect Work and Development

The job is an architect is a very challenging job. They have to wear many different hats as they are involved in all facets of a build service. All jobs that an architect has to be involved with require training and education in that specific field.

Types of architect jobs:

  • Project manager
  • Designer
  • Consultant


Project Manager

The role of our project manager is to make the important decisions on projects. This normally involves making the right decision about certain details of the construction such as the structure and the initial construction materials used.



The designers from SARAP Construction are responsible for the artistic renderings of building concepts. This is based on a combination of the space, building codes and the client’s requirements. Most of what our architects do is projects that involve designing and developing new things.



A personal consultant’s job is to be specialized in areas of interest where construction is concerned. Ours work on all our projects with us and consult the commercial or homeowners to see where their needs are.



Remodeling is a form of home improvement where we make changes where necessary. Homes that are outdated can benefit from our remodeling services. We can make changes to specific rooms of the home or the overall house itself.


Planning with a Purpose

We do all of our planning and construction in mind. We have the team that can develop a structure based on your ideas. There is no limit to what we can do for your home or business. Call today to speak with our project planning specialists.

SARAP Construction is a name in Long Island that you can trust. We have both the manpower and materials to get you everything that you’re looking for and more.


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