Are You in Need of a General Contractor in Long Island?

Long Island General ContractorStretching from the New York Harbor all the way to the Atlantic Ocean lays Long Island. It’s densely populated with more than 7,700, 208 and continues to grow every year. Construction in the area has always been done by SARAP Construction as they have been around for the past 35+ years. We do everything from real estate development to residential alterations.


Long Island Full Construction Management

It’s always important to have management on hand when doing a construction project. Management helps guide employees and problem solves along the way. If you expect your next big construction project to go smoothly; go with the experts from SARAP Construction.

Team members involved on projects:

  • Construction managers
  • Builders
  • Contractors

We are the experts when it comes to problem solving. Problems arise in construction projects no matter the size. Whenever they occur, our team of experienced general contractors and others will attend to them quickly. This is why we developed our full construction management service.


Long Island Renovations

We also do renovations to homes and business in the area too. Renovations are sometime necessary in order to modernize a home. We have done all types of renovations in the past including basement remodeling.

Basement remodeling can take your current basement and turn it into something a lot more functional than another unused room in the home. In the past, we have converted many basements into second bedrooms.

The population is growing quickly as more family members living together in the same household. In order to accommodate family members, you can have another bedroom or even a playroom build in order to extend your home.


Long Island Design/Build

From the very beginning of a project to the very end, design/build services from SARAP Construction can be really helpful. We start with a simple design and develop it for residential or commercial needs. We listen to your ideas and incorporate them into our builds.

Expert construction and well developed ideas are what gets you the perfect build. We have worked on all types of projects in the area including major box stores and also in your neighborhood. Paying attention to detail and following through with maintenance is what makes us the prime choice for construction services.

Don’t pass this opportunity up to have design/build services done by knowledgeable experts who have been in the field for over three decades. It’s hard to find someone with as much expertise as we have. Call for a consultation today and save time, money and headaches on our general contractor services.


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