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Renovations Long IslandWhenever you’re seeking renovations for either your commercial or residential needs, call SARAP Construction. Our home and business improvement services are what you need for better comfort and satisfaction. You can always rely on our Renovation Services as we have over 35 years of experience and still providing the surrounding areas with exceptional builds and designs. We have what you’re looking for as we only use quality materials and even better craftsmanship. Call today to set up management on your next construct.


Home Remodeling

Before adding onto your home or remodeling, there’s a lot to consider. You should be researching before committing to such a large of project. The following considerations should be made before calling your local construction contractor:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Schedule



When it comes to construction, there is never an easy way to go about the process as it takes up a lot of time. The process can take days, weeks or months leaving you without access to certain rooms in the home. Always get an idea of how long the construction in Long Island will take so you can make other arrangements.



When it comes to construction on any level, it’s important to make decisions based on budgets. A budget is the financial resources you have to work with. Some may be higher than others based on the business or homeowner.



Construction should always be done on a schedule. If you are a commercial business owner then you realize just how important it is to have construction done on time. Time wasted means that you’re not making any money.


Getting the Right permits for Construction

Remodeling can be a great way to add value onto your home or business. You can also get into trouble that way too. By not obtaining the necessary permits, you’re project can become a nightmare. Permit requirements are determined by the government and can be retrieved at any city or country agency.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

The tow most popular rooms in a home or business for remodeling are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is due to the easy access to each of them and the upgrades that are possible. Working in these rooms though should consider the following:

  • Electrical modifications
  • Plumbing add-ons
  • Upgrades to appliances



When plumbing is involved, it becomes a tricky process because you become faced with the decision to keep your current plumbing or upgrade it. Upgrading the plumbing will affect the price while keeping what you got needs inspected first.



Electrical is the same way as plumbing. You should consider what you need done and what you already have existing. For example, if planning on adding new appliances, you should consider a panel upgrade to your existing box.

These and other renovations can be done on time and also on budget. For the best in home improvements, call SARAP Construction.


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