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    Long Island Real Estate DevelopmentReal estate development is a multifaceted business. If you’re looking for encompassing tasks such as renovations or re-lease activities, call SARAP Construction. We provide these services to both existing buildings or on raw untouched land. Either way that you need a project done, we’re the guys who can help with our 35 plus years of service in the area. Don’t miss out and start building or making the necessary alterations to what you already have in possession.

    Buying and the selling of land, in the area, can be very profitable as long as you get a prime spat. Our team can help build on that land, so if you have just purchased land and plan to build on it, we’re the team that can get the job done right.



    It’s hard to find dedicated builders anymore. There’s too many to choose from and some don’t offer everything you needed which creates a mess because you have to hire another sub contractor to finish the job. This isn’t the case with SARAP Construction. We have a full team of dedicated members who will see to it that the job is completed the entire way through.



    It’s important that you only hire an insured contractor in Long Island. Someone who is insured is the protection and security that you need in order for a project to get completed safely and by not being compromised.



    Development is important for the economic growth of a community. It’s important that you get the right builders who can assist with the growth. When you’re looking for someone who is reliable and experienced, come to SARAP Construction.

    Benefits of development services:

    • Done by knowledgeable experts
    • Construction done on time
    • Done to meet your standards



    If you’re involved with the development phase then you have heard the word entitlement before. The real definition of the word in regards to land development is the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop certain property. In order to learn more about entitlement, call the professionals at 516-799-6671.


    Development Team

    For the best advice on hiring the right development team for the job, always go with the locally owned and operated contractors. This will include architects, engineers, and consultants. It’s good working with people who have the expertise and knowledge on getting the right construction done for the development of commercial property.

    When seeking reliable commercial real estate development, contact the experts at SARAP Construction and learn from the pros. We can do builds, designs and renovations to what you already have in place or construct from the ground up.


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