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Southern Connecticut General ContractorSouthern Connecticut is a wonderful area filled with lots to do and see. Yale University is located within and other famous landmarks. Landmarks aren’t the only thing that you’ll find here. SARAP Construction are the contractors to trust with local and big construction projects. Our goal is to provide a safe and structurally sound project that meets your needs.


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Southern Connecticut Full Construction Management

You hear the words construction management but not sure what it is. After all, shouldn’t that be included in all construction projects? You’ll like to know that a construction manager has four areas of responsibility:

  • Staff supervisor
  • Project manger
  • Dealing with clientele
  • Resource management

A degree in Civil Engineering is necessary in order to do this type of work. You’ll find that our general contractors are what you need in order for construction to go as planned on time and always within budget. Because construction that does provides lots of value.


Southern Connecticut Renovations

Whenever you’re faced with the need to perform renovations on your own or by a qualified contractor, think about what the renovation will entail. In hard times it may seem cost-effective to do renovation but how cost-effective are they really?

Cost is everything. By the time you spend purchasing materials and equipment to do a renovation, you’ll find that you’ve more than likely spent too much and gone way over budget. At least more than a contractor would have charged. Call for your free consultation.


Southern Connecticut Design/Build

Through a design/build service you’ll get to know the early acknowledgement of construction costs. Costs are discussed early in the construction phase. This is why it’s important to get an estimate A builder has the right to adjust costs accordingly. Before we do any adjustments, we will alert you first because we understand the importance of working on a budget.

If you’re worried about the cost and how it will affect you, call SARAP Construction and we’ll go over the costs with you because it’s important that all our projects be defined by the budgets of our clients. No matter what type of budget you’re on, we’ll be able to still provide quality work along with materials.

For more details on budgets and timeframes, call SARAP Construction and discuss it with our general contractors. You’ll get the best for the money and always a crew with the most outstanding skills. Owners and main operator, Stephen, will always be on the job wearing his many hats in management.


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